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Attending Malay-Muslim Wedding Reception (Majlis Bersanding) | Kuala Lumpur Expat Life

After 18 months of living in Kuala Lumpur, I am so thrilled to have finally been invited to my very first Malay-Muslim wedding reception. Well, I had attended one last year for a short time but it was a spontaneous thing and I hadn’t actually known the couple (see that video here). This time, I’ve known the groom Kamal for close to a year and was wonderfully happy to meet his lovely bride Suhada and be able to take part in their lovely majlis bersanding.

It was festive, fun, and jam packed with yummy food as you’d expect from a Malaysian wedding reception. The venue was decorated in a very festive and pretty way and even included a fun photo booth for guests!  And since the groom is the owner of First Order food truck (you know, the one that makes my favourite Milky Mango in KL), there were even two food trucks outside and stands inside helping to diversify the catering!

Come along and experience a slice of my expat life here in Malaysia at Kamal and Suhada’s wedding reception!

XOXO Angela

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