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Never Again! Christmas in Kuala Lumpur at Bukit Bintang Parade

2016 was my first Christmas in Kuala Lumpur and boy-oh-boy did it leave a lasting memory … one that I hope to never repeat again for the rest of my life.  I was supposed to be at dinner with my friend Ramesh and his group of amigos but where I was staying at the time in downtown KL made it impossible to catch a Grab, Uber, or taxi because of a parade that I didn’t know what happening.  So I spent the evening editing video at the start and then Skyping with my daughter until midnight.  Right at the stroke of midnight I set out for a bottle of wine and this is what happened….

There’s a longer version with me in my pijamas basically talking through everything that happened here if you want to hear me try to understand it all 🙂

This year I am spending Christmas Eve with Ramesh and their friends in a traditional wine and drinks with dinner scenario.  Then Christmas day I’m spending lunch with a group where alcohol is not served because it’s a mixed muslim / christian family meal.  A Christmas of contrasts … and infinitely better than 2016 that’s for sure!

UPDATE!  I’m happy to report that 2017 was a much nicer Christmas Eve than 2016, woohooo!  Check it out here.

XOXO Angela

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