Exploring Chinese Cemetery with Li Kim from The Paranormal Zone

Exploring Chinese Cemetery with Li Kim from The Paranormal Zone

Ever since my daughter and I explored the cemetery island in Venice, Italy back in 2008 I’ve loved visiting cemeteries.  They are a beautiful and unique way to better understand a country or region and its culture.  That is certainly true for Malaysia, which I discovered first in Penang at a Protestant cemetery and now here in Kuala Lumpur at the Chinese Cemetery located right downtown (but feels a million kilometres away).

My talented (and wonderfully funny) friend Li Kim had some location scouting to do last week for her wildly popular TV show The Paranormal Zone from the SyFy Channel.  She’s in the middle of filming promotional videos for a special Halloween show at locations with “elevated paranormal significance” she says, which I translate to mean extra spooky!   So I tagged along to play tourist … and as it turns out to teach her how to use a selfie stick 😉  Check it out!

If you’ve ever had a paranormal experience you should tell your story to Li Kim.  For Halloween she’s picking 10 people, with 10 real life stories, to sit down with her and film a special episode of her show.  All the info is on Li Kim’s Facebook page.

XOXO Angela

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