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Exploring Super Cool Malaysian Rest Stop Behind-the-Scenes

Sooooo I’ve just returned home to Kuala Lumpur following an 11 day solo road trip in and around Cameron Highlands and had a fascinating adventure at a typical Malaysian rest and truck stop.  It was my 1st solo road trip here AND the very 1st time I’ve driven in Malaysia, which mad it extra-super-duper-hella-fun!  In fact, it was my first time driving since a solo road trip in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado while on holiday in the USA back in 2014 … but shhhhhh, don’t tell my friend who lent me the Subaru 😉  While stopping to refuel both my body and the petrol, I discovered that Malaysian rest stops are the BOMB and something truly special.

As you’ll see, I snuck around to the back of the building and discovered that the heart of Malaysian rest stops beats behind-the-scenes.  I met the loveliest people and really enjoyed my time there.  Check it out:

Find The Coolest Rest Stop in Malaysia!

To go to the fabulous rest stop I discovered, head to the Kawasan Rehat & Rawat Ulu Bernam South Bound on the E1 just before exit 121 CLICK HERE.

XOXO Angela

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