You are currently viewing [Video] Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam Night Market

[Video] Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam Night Market

Malaysia’s Night Markets Never Disappoint!!  Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam is the ONLY one in all of the surrounding hill stations and it is full of some unique and tasty treats, tons of organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers, homemade honey and juices, and local handicrafts.

The next time you’re headed up to the gorgeous hill stations of Cameron Highlands, plan your trip around the weekend so you can explore the delicious and fun night market there. If you’re coo coo for strawberries, well this place is your nirvana because they have everything from organic fresh berries to keychains and strawberry umbrellas!

I honestly had so much fun. My only regret was that it was raining and I had to hold my camera with only one hand and my umbrella with the other! I ate a ton, shopped a bit, and really enjoyed the lovely friendliness of everyone I encountered.

XOXO Angela

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