You are currently viewing #InternationalGirlDay – India’s Red Brigade Trust Run by Child Survivors of Rape and Acid Attacks

#InternationalGirlDay – India’s Red Brigade Trust Run by Child Survivors of Rape and Acid Attacks

11 October 2017 was International Girl Day. Back home in the USA girls and women fight for things like equal pay. Well, our sisters around the globe don’t always have it so easy. In India, only 11% of girls who are raped ever go on to lead ‘normal’ lives again. Almost ALL are blamed for the attack. Girls in rural areas are kicked out of the village and their family home and banished, so families can save face, while the men walk around with zero repercussions and able to do it all over again.

There is a group of very young (pre-teen – teenage) girls who started a group called Red Brigade Trust. They were all raped or victims of violence or acid attack and they are very brave. In India, girls don’t speak out about rape because that would bring shame on them and their family. But these brave girls do. If you can please donate even just $1 to their NGO they will use it to do good.

The video explains the amazing work of Red Brigade

Please be sure to read the article I wrote following a week of research and polling on the topic of rape in India.  Rape happens everywhere in the world but India is different because of the way they treat the victims there.

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