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Masjid India Night Market | Best Fun During Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur is so wonderfully festive and exciting, full of vibrant food bazaars and nights markets that welcome those breaking fast and visitors like me to an array of diverse and YUMMY choices night after night.  Last night I went for the very first time to the Masjid India Ramadan Bazaar and WOW was it good fun.  This pasar malam starts at the foot of the Masjid India mosque and seems to go on and on without end, it’s fabulous!

TIP: Take the LRT for the fastest journey across the city.  Masjid India is located just a few metres from the LRT stop Masjid Jamek 🙂

Now that I am actively documenting my time here in KL and have a couple Muslim friends, Iftar dinner is something I look forward to, although not for the same reason as my mates of course.  I was alone for this one and surprised that I was the only western foreigner I saw for almost two hours, it was crazy.  This is one Ramadan bazaar that should not be missed!

XOXO Angela

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