Sedap TAPAK! Kuala Lumpur’s 1st Food Truck Park

Sedap TAPAK! Kuala Lumpur’s 1st Food Truck Park

As dorky as it may be, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for using my first Bahasa word in a blog post title!  For anyone who doesn’t speak the language (like me), sedap means DELICIOUS … and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at TAPAK.  Launched just over 3 months ago by 4 reunited school mates to meet the growing demand in popularity of food trucks in Kuala Lumpur, TAPAK is KL’s first non-night market ‘urban street food’ experience open 7 nights a week, right downtown in the heart of the city.  In fact, it’s so close to Petronas Towers that you will leave TAPAK with a happy, full belly and awesome selfies taken gobbling up food with the towers in the background!

Why You’ll Love TAPAK Food Truck Park

  • Around 20 food trucks are there to delight you each night (and that number will be growing soon!)
  • It’s open 7 nights a week, from 6pm – midnight
  • Ample parking, and depending on what time you go (or Sunday’s I believe) it might be free
  • Super family-friendly
  • There is such a huge variety of culinary options that you could go every night for a month and never eat the same thing twice
  • They have wonderfully delicious and imaginative beverage trucks too … so you’ll leave refreshed
  • The prices are absolutely LOW 🙂

What To Expect

Definitely watch the video above as I tour 18 different food trucks and sample a decadent assortment of savoury mains, sweet treats, and two unique beverages that hit the spot in the hot KL!  The energy at TAPAK is fantastic, too, and everyone – from the guests to the truck staff – and friendly and obviously happy to be there enjoying themselves.

You’ll have your choice of so many options you’ll need to walk around the park at least once before you make your first decision!  The night I was there, they even have a food truck that sells kimchi quesadillas like the famous Los Angeles-based Korean Mexican fusion pioneer Roy Choi from Kogi BBQ!

Where to Find TAPAK Food Truck Park in Kuala Lumpur

You definitely don’t want to miss TAPAK food truck park, situated right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.  I still can’t believe how the founders were able to secure the absolute perfect spot for such a fun, nightly urban experience…well done, guys!

XOXO Angela

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