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Trying Malaysia’s NEW Char Kuey Teow Burger with My Friends at FungryTV

Yum, yum, and double YUM!!!! What a lunch! As you’ll see I not only had a rockin’ time with friends old and new … I also dug into a brand new burger that was invented for Merdeka 2017 … and damn is it tasty! I was invited by my friend Razif Hashim to try this new deconstructed char kuey teow burger that has been created to combat the crazy nasi lemak burger 😉

Malaysia’s Char Kuey Teow Burger

Here’s what FungryTV had to say:
With everyone going nuts over the recent nasi lemak burger fiasco, FungryTV is sounding the horn to remind everyone that nasi lemak is not our only national dish. This year, we proud Malaysians instead will pay homage to the humble char kuey teow! Deconstructed and rebuilt under the visionary scope of Razif Hashim, the skills of Ahong (Grub) and the consultation + blessings of Chef Sherson Lian (kitchen mafia), Ren Yi (myburger lab) and Ili & Basirah (agak-agak)

This burger is amazing, and I for one hope it becomes ‘a thing’ because everyone should try it. FungryTV is asking you to pledge to dig into one by visiting their Facebook page and pledging.  WATCH THEIR ‘PLEDGE THE CHAR KUEY TEOW FOR MERDEKA’ video to explain the origin and share some funny moments from it’s creation … I appear in it so big thanks to the crew for letting this foreigner be included! 🙂

Be sure to go visit Grub in PJ soon, too … their food is delicious!

I had so much fun, and even met a cute guy who I’m planning to visit a night market with soon, check Harry Kok Siew Yok‘s Facebook page to see how cute he is 😉

XOXO Angela

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