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My Top 5 Odd, Sweet and Hysterical Blog Comments & Mail

So it’s been just over a year since I’ve been writing Angela’s Adventure In Bangalore. I started it just for my friends and family so in the beginning I didn’t have an email address so readers could contact me or a Facebook page – because only 30 or 40 people were reading my blog each day and they all had my contact info. When the blog started growing, I wanted a way to be in touch with people who I hadn’t grown up with, knew my daughter’s birthday or have seen me rock my signature dance move!

Some of the blog comments, emails and private FB messages I’ve received have been pretty cruel. One woman told me she hoped my ex-husband used to beat me. One guy said I am what is wrong with the world because of my love for Champagne brunch. And one guy just told me I was an idiot because of my IPL cheerleader article … he cursed at me and insists that all cheerleaders can be bought every night at after parties so why was I lying to cover it up?

Shiva doesn’t work on Sunday so when I travel around Bangalore on Sunday I try to take rickshaws for fun … but I get bored! So here I am in an ‘auto’ with my laptop open, writing my blog 🙂

Then there is another group of mails that crack me up, make my daughter laugh as well. These are from the guys who are trying to setup some one-on-one time with me. One guy offered to start the arranged marriage process for 16 year old daughter. OMG we were dying of laughter with that one. My daughter is Spanish, not Indian, so I’d like to let my baby become a woman, go to uni and get a degree, start her career and figure out who the hell she is FIRST before she picks a mate for the rest of her life. I also giggle when I receive pics from guys who want to show me India and teach me something or believe we are soul mates. I also get a lot of guys who tell me their fantasies and describe things they want to do with me…

Lastly, I receive some really great mails from Indians living here who I make laugh or who live abroad who like feeling like they are back home for a few minutes while they read the blog. Or from foreigners moving to Bangalore with kind words which I always appreciate. I’ve even had a couple of girls write to me who have met Indians online and are considering moving here to marry them and want my opinion on what to do (which is strange to me but I try to answer questions as honestly as possible).

Anyway, mail is now a fun part of my day. Something new and different that normally puts a smile on my face and is the best compensation I will ever receive for doing something that I have so much fun doing…writing and sharing tales about my new life.

Here are my Top 5 favourite comments and mails I’ve received over the past year, in no particular order!

1. August 16, 2011. This guy wants to party like a rock star but his friends aren’t too keen (nor probably his family) so he tried to reach out and see if he could join me and my mates for a night on the town!

Hi Angela, It’s realy nice to see you blogging about night life in Banglaore, though I’m living in this city from long time wasn’t able to explore all this while since I wasn’t interested. My whole life changed after I travel to Amsterdam and I’m eager to visit all these places. Do provide me more information I wolud love to visit disoctheque or pubs and I never danced in my whole life.

If you are still in Bangalore do let me know. anychance I can join your group, I’m definitely not trying to hit on anyone , just to party. I’m sure hundreds might have tried to talk to you like this, but trust me I’m telling the truth 🙂 I don’t have the friends to visit these places that’s the reason I asked you and was checking online to get some friends to visit these places.

2. September 29, 2011. This older gent really thought he was my Mr. Right or here to open up my world … this is the guy who offered to start marrying off my 16 year old daughter!! Creepy!!

My Hearty Thanks to U Ms. Angela Carson, for yr communication. I wish to meet U , purely because, there are so many things / subjects . languages / Fine Arts forms, / Cultures, we can discuss.

As I hv already informed you , I am a Mech Engr, witjh plenty of Exp, well – travelled, well – read, having good knowledge on many types of Cultural activities, , fine Arts etc.

I travelled in India too. Perhaps you may get many topics to write on. And it will be a pleasure for me to meet a multy-faceted personality too. By the way, I wish to know about yr Biz., as I am in contact with some of the important Corporate leaders of India. Me too in the habit of Project – Facilitation. Think off, if I will be of any use to U in developing yr type of Business.

I never visited the places U stated . Have U been to somewhere at Koramangala, Forum, Garuda Mall etc ? Hv u tasted South Indian Food ? Hv U seen Bharata Naatyam ? ( a classical form of Dance ) Hv U seen Kathakali ( a devine, interesting colourful Performing Art ? ) Hv U ever tried to read The Bahagavat Geetha or Raamaayanam ? (These are Books, by reading which, you will learn how to behave, how to respect elders, how to interact with all sorts of persons, And how to manage things very effectively & impressively etc etc. )

Hv U come across such persons who will be able to teach U about similar subjects ? Hv U heard about the original, genuine Ayurveda massage, by means of which you will hv rejuvenation of both mind and Body for a long time and you will hv a shapely and relaxed body for long years.

Or is it that U hv moved only around Bangalore only ? Hv U heard of Capt. C P Krishnan Nair, who is now the Chairman of Leela – Kempinskey Group of Super Delux Five Star Hotels ? He is 90 yrs but still quite active. There are many things to learn for young enterprenuers fm him. He is a good friend of mine. If U hv time, I hv plenty of things to make U understand.

There is no harm in talking to me , whenever it is convenient to U. I too am a very simple, humble, honest ,devoted straight forward person, without any sort of ill-intentions in my mind. Wishing U Best Wishes always, and in all yr efforts. If U R convinced about my innpocence, pl give me yr Mob. No, so that I can tell U many things, only when U R free to listen. yr well – wisher, Pl do write back

For yr info: My daughter is an Executive Editor of a widely read English Business & Economy Magazine

If U R looking for the marriage of yr daughter, tell me. If U keep her under yr wraps, she will not be able to meet any suiter or any suiter will be able to meet her. They must meet each other to understand each other. Then only things will move. Pl k her to meet me, assess me fully, report to U and subsequently we can meet.

As earlier said, appointments will be with prior confirmation & intimation

3. August 3, 2011. A guy who wants to be a slave to a white woman! OMG!! By chance I found out he sent the same mail to another blonde American here in Bangalore on the same day, cracked me up!

Hello Angela. First of all I would really like to apologize and so take it back if it offends you in any way. Actually I was wondering, by any chance you are into BDSM lifestyle..actually I love and adore white woman and always wanted to worship if you fancy an idea of having personal slave to whom you can use for your personal entertainment or may be for domestic help or whatever else(nothing sexual) then please do reply.

I am 27 yrs, dd free, single guy, decent looking, educated, sane well ofcourse bit embarrassed about having such interests but really have strong fetish for caucasian woman, I live in Pune and if you want I am ready to relocate to banglore.

My interests are foot worship, canning, humiliation, servitude etc and really looking forward to get favourable reply from you as its not often I get to see a sophisticated, blonde woman in India.

Ofcourse I live vanilla life ouside this. In India you can not talk about normal sex and here I am talking about all this kinky stuff with you.. just because I thought western people are open minded about this. (and believe me this is the darkest secrete of my life I would never share with my closed ones..not with my closest frined and I sharing it with you…STRANGE!!)

I hope you understand…and again please please ignore me if I offended you….SORRY!!!

4. May 5, 2011. This is the first comment from my very first non-family/non-friend who found my blog and read it all the way through. She and I still stay in touch.

Wow!! I’ve reached your very first post on this blog!! I don’t think I intended to read so much.. 😐 I just got sucked in! 😀 😀 I love the way you write! Seeing Bangalore from an all new perspective! Great blog! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

5. March 17, 2012. Shy guy who sweetly wanted to say hi but didn’t. Really made me smile 🙂

Hey Angela, I visit your blog at times and that is how I know you. I wanted to ask you, were you at Dugout in Koramangala today at around 2-3pm? I thought it was you, but I can be completely wrong about this 🙂 I was at the bar shooting some pool. AH! I should have said hello. I don’t think you were there for a long time.. coz I thought i’d walk over and say hi but you had left by then. Maybe some other time. Take care and have fun.

There you go! Those are 5 random mails or comments …. not the most outrageous but a cross-sample to share that shouldn’t offend anyone or freak my Mom out too much. I really did try to find the really nasty messages and comments that people have left but I generally delete them straight away so sadly I have only been able to post mostly funny or nice mails and comments in my list but trust me, there have really been a few doozies that knocked my socks off. Generally from women who get upset about my Indian wedding article because they think I’m being disrespectful. I will save them in a special folder next time so I can share the really bad ones too.

So next time you feel like commenting or reaching out, please feel free to do so…especially if you can put a smile on my face and make my day brighter. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful support here, thank you from the bottom on my heart for supporting me and my little hobby.

XOXO Angela

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Angela Carson

At 21 I left uni, jumped into my Jeep Wrangler, and drove from my native California to live an adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I've explored 37 countries on 4 continents, residing in 8 of them (currently Indonesia's Riau Islands is my home). I even have a private pilot's license and was shot at once by bandits!

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  1. Animes

    Hey Angela!!!! Hope u r doing good!!!
    And wow been waiting for a while for your next article….. And this is the mosst funnny and a real eye opener about all the personalities that people do have on internet…secret fetishes haha…secret part time jobs hehe….. This post really made me jump out of my bed laughing…lolol…seriously the old guy’s post was so damn funny and pervy too hehe…& are u serious women say all that hate stuff to never knew women can be this rude… Must be a lot jealous of you lol….
    And from now on i will have to step up too while commenting haha so that i may get featured someday haha..js kidding…:P
    I hate typing big comments from phone…arrghh…anyways loved this post…..take care keep rocking like this
    -xoxo Animes;)

    1. angela_carson

      Thanks so much. I’m actually a bit blocked at the moment and in need of some inspiration for articles so that’s why I pulled this together. Glad it made you smile and laugh though. Some of those mails crack me up sooooo much. In the past I always replied to everyone, even a couple/few times but now I have toughened up and reply only once unless it is creepy then not at all 🙂 –A

  2. DesiGuy

    Wow, the old guy really “wanted to do fraaaan-ship” with you! Lucky you! 😉 And, you have people worshiping you already..Incredible India!!

    I can’t even get a simple hello or namaste in my motherland…Ugh!

    1. angela_carson

      The older guy sent me almost 20 mails, including a Word document twice…very persistent guy! And I’ve had a creepy guy make a similar “worship” offer in person at Skyye in Bangalore once — ewwwww! haha

  3. “My interests are foot worship, canning, humiliation, servitude etc and really looking forward to get favourable reply from you as its not often I get to see a sophisticated, blonde woman in India. You are just like the one I dream about worshiping.”

    Well, you just missed out a chance of having a temple on your name (some actresses and popular figures have temples on their name btw) 🙂 If you play it well, you could have a temple with some devotees like him and can become rich very soon 🙂

    You will be called “Godess Angela”.

    Jokes aside, the creepy email is really creepy.

    Adios my friend, have a lovely day, looking forward to your forthcoming blogs 🙂

    Note: btw, my twitter account is just for namesake (not really a tweet person), out of facebook, but on google plus.

    1. angela_carson

      haha … I think I’m cool without the temple but that was funny 🙂 Hasta pronto!! Ange

  4. PencilGirl

    Wow! Couldn’t stop laughing on this one. 😀 (Actually came rushing to check out your latest post. 😛 ) Didn’t realize that there were so many people who were so.. umm.. impressed(?) by you. 😛
    Although I guess I too count as one of those insane fans of your blog posts. Can’t particularly help it though. You have such a refreshing take on all the things I tend to dismiss as routine. 🙂
    I also giggled at the amount of smileys I use in a single tiny comment. Guess you must have too. 😛
    Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog (I’ve already started bragging about it to my best friend 😀 :P). Now I need to get over my bloggers block and go post something nice for anyone who happens to check out my blog.
    Here’s hoping for many exciting blog posts to come! 🙂

    1. angela_carson

      You have been my inspiration so many times… and I will always adore you for reading my blog before anyone else in India did! It’s because of you I wrote the short story, which is leading to me now starting to write a book. You ROCK and I can’t wait for your dry spell to end. I want more fiction too … go get it girl. And thanks from the bottom of my heart for always being so generous with your comments 😉 I still like thinking of you in those braids with your cool lunchbox 🙂 xo

  5. nithin

    I’ve been reading your posts for about a week now, love them 🙂 Would love to see one on what you consider persistence and being persistently stupid. I think i read a post of yours on how to go upto a girl and not be annoying or was it another blog. Maybe guys would give up if they could get an easier hint to when she isn’t interested.
    I am unsure as to why people resort to dating or finding people on the internet in the first place, i am not saying its bad but sometimes i think it could be from how hard it is to meet people in real lives. I know it is harder in India compared to elsewhere. Oh, and another nice topic i would like to see is your view on arranged marriages 🙂
    Not to sound demanding, but give the people more of what they love 🙂

    1. angela_carson

      Thanks so much! I’ve been steering clear of “relationship” issues lately because I tend to speak too much of my mind and it doesn’t really gel well with my professional world and don’t want to write under a pseudoname.

      I wrote a bit about arranged marriages when I talked about how I think so many people cheat here in India (more than I’ve ever seen in any other country) because of arranged marriages:

      And here’s the article about signals on when a girl WANTS a guy to speak to her or make a more. I know that a lot of the advice I throw out only works when someone has quite a bit of disposable income and money to splash out but it does also give the hints and clues that (I think) we women give off when we want OR DON’T WANT attention from the opposite sex:

      Hope you’ll keep following the blog 🙂

  6. Teresa Snowball

    As always Anglea brilliant:)

    I love to read your blogs xxx

    1. AngelaCarson

      omg the foot worshiper guy is amazing, right? haha  Gotta love the world, with room for anything and everything 🙂 xo

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