Woohoo! On the Cover of Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine

Woohoo! On the Cover of Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine

Just like Spain felt like home, and India after a couple of years, Malaysia is finally, truly feeling like home to me. It is full of possibilities, and new friendships, and blissful happiness. Bloggers will understand that my (blog) babies are a part of me, or at least an extension of me …. so it’s amazing to have them showcased in a magazine here for the 1st time for contributing to the positive image of Malaysia to the outside world (and probably for making Malaysians laugh as I eat spicy and exotic food!).

I’m so wonderfully humbled and honoured to have been selected for the cover of Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine’s February cover, their issue featuring some of Malaysia’s top expat blogger. The day was absolutely fun, albeit a bit nerve wracking for me as I was very nervous! It was my first time in front of the camera at a professional photoshoot and interview since moving away from India three years ago and I wasn’t 100% comfortable at first.

Once the magazine has shared an online link to the article, I will post it here.  For now, I hope you’ll spare 3 minutes to see what life is like in the studio at a magazine photoshoot.  Hint, it included booze and lots of laughs!

XOXO Angela

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