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Back to Blogging Again — YeeHaw!

It’s 10pm and the first raindrops of the monsoon season are falling in Hong Kong.  My speakers are belting out Steely Dan and I can’t seem to keep my toes from wigglin’ because tonight is the first time since the beginning of November that I’ve opened up my blog and wanted to type my little heart out again in ages.  And although I know this isn’t going to be a long epic post and it probably won’t be very interesting to anyone, for me it’s a milestone because tonight officially marks the end to six months of blogger’s block!

If you aren’t my Mom or someone who has kindly been following me since the start, let me tell you that I’ve only been a blogger since 2011.  Since then it’s the hobby that has allowed me to most branch out as a writer, explore my feelings (yes, in a very narcissistic way), experience new things ‘for the sake of the blog or a review’ and meet lots and lots of new people.  For a while my blogging transitioned into a newspaper column about my adventures, I became an INSIDER for Conde Nast Traveller magazine, and – best of all – it allowed me to give a voice to causes or injustices that touched my heart.

When I’m happy, I blog.  Even when I’m just A-OK, I blog.  But there have been times over these four years when heartbreak, immigration issues or unemployment really affected me from the inside out.  Instead of my normal ‘anything is possible’ happy outlook, I had the opposite.

We all deal with hurdles in life differently and I am in no way saying that my problems are even real problems when compared to ACTUAL tragedies or even the day-to-day life that many women are faced with around the world.  I’m pretty sure that curling up into a {figurative} ball and shutting out the world isn’t the best approach to dealing with a broken heart or financial issues but that’s how I rolled.  Straight on down to shutting off my most creative outlet for huge chunks of time.

Well…that ends today!

I don’t know if other bloggers can relate to this but as it turns out, I’ve been happy again for a couple of months but it’s taken me this damn long to get off my ass and out of my writing funk. I even started back at the gym way before blogging!  I don’t know why but I hope I can adopt a better blogging ethic in the future because I never want to write another one of these ‘filler’ blog posts again just to transition back into it!

Next post?  I think it’s time to start exploring the funny side of Hong Kong.  And to write about life after India and how much I miss lots of it…  Or maybe something about how it really feels for a single mom to have an empty nest because her birdie is off at university a half a world away????

XOXO Angela

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