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Best Leica Camera for Vlogging | V-Lux Buy & Test in Malaysia at YL Camera

I fell in love with Leica last year when I saw a review from one of my favourite travel vloggers Jon Olsson using one of their cams. The 4k video quality was off-the-charts and looked nothing like even the BEST the videos I was producing. So when I decided that it was time to upgrade from the iPhone + DSLR setup I was using, it was a Leica that I wanted. I did my research and chatted with the guys at YL Camera, Malaysia’s largest camera retailer, for advice and decided on the Leica V-Lux for its video features and all-in-one 25-400mm zoom lens capabilities. It has been less than a week since I brought my new baby home and the quality of what it shoots is already so amazing … come check it out.

Leica has a shop in Kuala Lumpur right around the corner from where I live but YL Camera Malaysia is massive and has all of the accessories I need under one roof so that’s where I went. I started this process thinking I’d buy everything online to save time but then I realised I wanted to test out the stabilisers and try packing up the new bag with my own gear to test it, too … so I filled up my shopping cart online and headed to YL Camera’s Jaya33 store in Petaling jaya, about 25 minutes from my condo in KLCC.

In this video I shop for the Leica V-Lux and then immediately go out for a walk around my neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur to test out the focus and zoom and night shooting. I also unbox the camera in this video.

My plan is to start a series of videos on vlogging tips, huge mistakes to avoid, and how to improve and grow as an amateur videographer so please subscribe to my ExpatAngela YouTube channel and follow along 🙂 I’m about to take a couple of classes as well and will knowledge share what I learn with you each month.


I couldn’t afford everything on my first go but below is what my new blogging kit will eventually look like 🙂

– RM 5,240, Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom

– RM 999, Sennheiser MKE 400 Compact Video Camera Shotgun Microphone (I will buy this next month)

– USD $459 in red or all black (still can’t decide), Billingham Hadley One Bag that holds my laptop and all equipment (except tripod)

What I’m still not sure about and looking for advice on which brand and features I need:
– Lighting (small, mounted on cam) for night market shoots
– Video tripod
– Stabiliser

XOXO Angela

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