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Living In India Is Giving Me a Big Fat Belly

For me, everyday is definitely an adventure in Bangalore.  Whether it is something as simple as spotting 4 cows, 2 bullocks, some stray chickens, 4 camels and about 100 street dogs on my way to the office or seeing a man on a motorbike drive by holding an umbrella….life is new and exciting for me here in India.  Today I even saw an adorable little brown mouse climb up a metal pole really slowly, pull by pull, just like a soldier does it at  military boot camp when they climb up a rope.  That little guy was AWESOME!!!!

My soft pouch of milk came free when I bought the 30 rupee (75 cents) box of biscuits! I love India!!
No big surprise that I once again had a major F**up at the office today, this time involving a really nice co-worker who had spontaneously dropped by my desk with the simple intention of telling me that there was a restaurant down the road that she thought I would like to try for lunch because they serve western style green salads and she wanted me to know.  Very nice, right??

So after I thanked her I said that I was so glad she stopped by my desk because I had a few things to share with her and I proceeded to advise her on the status of my pending house hunt — I even showed her the location and a quick snippet of video from our 2 favorites.  Then I went into some logistics issues regarding the movers in Spain.  And finally I told her that I needed some help understanding the deductions and salary computations that were sent to me for my team, as I was confused about a couple of things.  Well, she looked at me and then said that I should probably meet with someone from H.R. about that as she didn’t feel comfortable advising me on this and it dawned on me…she wasn’t the HR manager, she worked on the sales team!!  OMG I was so embarrassed that I instantaneously turned beet red and started apologizing and explained myself.  She said she thought that it was strange that I was telling her such random things but she decided to just go with it, hahaha.  Ahhh bless her!!!

Diet alert!!!  I have been feeling fat the past couple of days after eating curry for lunch and dinner every day.  Not for the curry itself, of course.  But given the fact that I am not accustomed to eating spicy curry, like a baby I have to dilute the curry by mixing it in with a plate full of rice that is basically the serving size  that a Sumo wrestler would eat.  So today, instead of eating lunch, I went for a walk with my colleague Sandip who needed to buy the perfect sweets as a gift for his new in-laws (he was just married 2 months ago and obviously needs to continue to impress them!) and I needed to go to the pharmacy.  After our errands we popped into a food shop — my first visit EVER — so I could look around and buy a couple snacks for the hotel.  They had ginger tea, cookies made with saffron, lychee juice… so cool!!  But then I really struck GOLD.  At the checkout counter I was told that my 30 cent biscuits actually came with a free – super cool – half liter pouch of milk.  Wow, what a deal!!  I love India.

This evening I was told that the owners of the flat that my daughter and I really want are not going to negotiate further on price so I made an offer.  Unfortunately someone else did as well.  The agent said he will call me as soon as he hears back from the owners after they make their choice.  I suppose if our offer is not accepted that it is a sign from the Gods saying that my daughter and I needed to save that money anyway to buy Jimmy Choo Wellies for monsoon season 🙂

Kisses from Bangalore xoxo

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  1. I can so relate to your co-worker and put someone I know in your seat.. Random things.. I would not have INTENTIONALLY made you realize that you are talking crap .. 😛

    India seems to have gotten richer since the time I left. I never got such a deal!! Or maybe the person at the checkout counter must have thought that you look really frail(though you would like to be that way) and decided you should have some tasty milk enriched with vitamins ,so that you can look stronger and healthier. 😀
    Good Life , The Taste of Good Times.. LOL

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