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Love146: Fighting To End Child Sex Trafficking

Tonight I would like to take a step back from my normal, silly story telling and dedicate my tiny bit of digital footprint to Love146, an organization dedicated to ending and helping the victims of child sex trafficking.

One boy, girl or woman falls a victim to human trafficking every 30 seconds. Help Love146 and every daughter, sister, son, brother, wife, mother or friend who is tragically a victim of this crime regain their life.
My very dear friend Peter John Croxford has become quite active with the European chapter in London.  This group of amazingly dedicated volunteers is finding new ways to shine a very bright spotlight on the tragic crime of sex trafficking.  As the mother of a beautiful teenager and simply as a woman, the stories and statistics I read tonight in research for writing this blog post truly broke my heart:

  • Child sex trafficking is the 3rd most profitable enterprise for organized crime
  • 27 million people around the world suffer from human trafficking
  • The U.S. is receiving roughly 17,000 women and children each year who are forced to work as sex slaves **of course, this is the documented figure….who knows what the real number is!
  • Every 30 seconds another girl, boy or woman becomes a victim

As a marketing professional, I love listening to my friend Peter talk about his work with the London chapter of Love146 (it was originally founded in the U.S.).  This group really wants their voice to be heard, so they plan fundraising and awareness campaigns that resonate not only with the typical philanthropist but also with the youth of today and the 20s set.  Their recent FlashMob to an Annie Lenox song (who happily agreed to the use of it), with Wickeds Rachel Tucker on lead vocal, was a great way to bring awareness of Love146 and their cause to a whole new audience.  Please visit to learn more, see how to donate or to check out what else in going on in U.S., Asia and Europe… it is for a great cause.

XOXO, tonight I write to you from the back seat of my car on my way from Bangalore to Chennai (Madras) to collect my cats …connected to the Internet by USB and plugged into the cigarette lighter for power 🙂

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  1. Arshad Shafeeq

    Thanks to let us know about the child trafficking. I was aware of this but the figures which you have given is really shocking. I will definitely donate to them.

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