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Amazing Service at Post Office in Petronas Towers – Suria Mall POS

Honestly, I had braced myself for a long ride!  I have been to countless POS offices (Malaysia’s federally-run Post Office) in Kuala Lumpur and while they are never frustrating, they are not quick experiences.  I seriously take reading material with me when I go.  This time I was equipped with my iPhone as entertainment and I was on a mission to send a ‘love box’ to my daughter at university in London. It’s a ritual of mine to send everything from almonds and knickers to beauty products and (this time) fun things like Hello Kitty slippers.  Well, I live around the corner from Petronas Twin Towers and Suria Mall and that is now my closest POS … so that’s where I went to send my package to the UK.

Take a look, my experience was the best in my 18 months here in Malaysia.  They were kind, helpful, and best of all … speedy!

All packages I’ve sent via POS have always arrived in a timely manner.  I definitely recommend POS Malaysia for anyone needing to ship overseas.  It’s affordable and dependable.


POS Malaysia has a very user-friendly website where you can search for offices and pricing, and an active Facebook account in case you’re keen to follow their adventures.

XOXO Angela

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