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The Fun and Fabulous World of Face Masks in Hong Kong

Women around the world are so wonderfully diverse that it is makes perfect sense that we ladies have completely different ideas of beauty … I remember shocking the hell out of people when I moved to Spain by telling them I shaved my legs.  You see, Spanish women only wax them so they saw me as barbaric and behind-the-times.  Until I lived in India I had only ever tweezed my eyebrows but that’s barbaric there because women only use threading.

Well, I’m in Hong Kong now and the wildest thing I’ve found isn’t so much the hair maintenance techniques but the skincare regimes employed by all the ladies here.  Face masks are all the rage and I can literally get lost in the ROWS (yes, that’s right…there are rows and rows of them!) of face masks because they are so different and amazing.  I had only seen a couple of the cloth-style masks before because in other countries where I lived they use the wash-off or peel-off styles, and funny enough those are harder to find here in Hong Kong.

The best  shop in town for face masks is a retail franchise called Sasa because they have the largest and most interesting selection IMHO.  Over the past year I’ve personally tried over a dozen different types of face masks because they sell them by the unit so it’s easy to test them all out.  Some I choose because the branding is so cute, others because they are so crazy and outlandish that I can’t resist the temptation to give it a go.  They have masks dripping with everything from:

  • Jellyfish
  • Snake
  • Snail mucus
  • Pomegranate
  • Green caviar
  • Tea
  • Gold
  • …and so much more!

Although having snail mucus on me was indeed a bit eewy, the craziest of them all for me is the black bubble face mask you see me modelling here in the pics.  There are no instructions in English but luckily it has an illustration explaining everything.  It’s plain black when you take it out of the pouch and within a few seconds it starts to bubble up, tingling the skin on the inside layer and frothing up like crazy on the outside.  It’s so much fun and leaves the skin so bright and clean and fresh, it’s an awesome mask.

Piggy Moms are my second favourite discovery.  Although I think it’s from Korea it’s basically a Bioré strip that’s been supercharged into a 3-process system leaving the nose squeaky clean like the little piggy in the photo.  It was the branding that made me buy it at first but now I just love them more than Bioré.

Next trip to Hong Kong definitely take the time to run into a beauty supply shop and explore the face mask isles.  My Mom took back a wild assortment when she came to visit this year and it was a huge hit as the perfect ‘local’ souvenir for her friends.

XOXO Angela
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  1. Anders Riise Koch

    I’m going next week. How does the Piggy Moms mask work exactly? That sounds like something that’s actually useful rather than just having crazy ingredients.

    1. Angela Carson

      haha indeed. Just follow the instructions of the pics on the back 🙂

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