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From Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Car | Expat Travel Vlog

I’ve been a mega fan of road trips from the time I was a little girl and dad would drive us from Los Angeles to the Colorado River for week-long water skiing trips.  It was very fun!  Since then I’ve road tripped in Mexico (where I was shot at by bandits), solo in the Rocky Mountains, around a dozen countries in Europe with friends, and for a week alone in Tunisia just my daughter and I.  Now I’m going it solo again for the first time in my new home of Malaysia, from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands.

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The trip from KL to Cameron Highlands takes about 3 1/2 hours via Tapah, which is the way it was recommended I travel by a friend who has a home in Cameron Highlands.  The route turned out to be perfect, with so much to see and experience along the way … as you’ll see in the video.

Join me for a bit of fun exploring rest stops (in hunt of killer coffee), stopping to take in the sights and rugged beauty of the Cameron Highlands landscapes, and even digging into some truly unique street food.

My favourite culinary treat from my mini solo road trip was a banana pancake.  The family that operates the stall where I ate it shared that this dish was reinvented during the Japanese occupation out of necessity.  It was impossible to procure cooking oil for some families back then so the locals were forced to cook with fire alone, thus bringing a fusion style of cooking to the area that I found to be absolutely delicious 😉

Oh, and be sure to bookmark the fabulous rest stop between Cameron Highlands and KL.  It is the Kawasan Rehat & Rawat Ulu Bernam located South Bound on the E1 just before exit 121.  CLICK HERE for Google Maps.

XOXO Angela

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