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New Year’s Eve | Kuala Lumpur Fireworks at Petronas Twin Tower

Although this is my 2nd New Year’s Eve in Kuala Lumpur, it’s the first time I ventured out to watch the fireworks at Petrons Twin Towers in downtown KLCC.  My expectations were quite low but honestly I had a great time.  Okay yeah, I stood in the wrong spot and I arrived so late I was in a horrible cattle call style queue where I was groped more times than I can count (a real first for me in Malaysia, I have never been groped here before tonight).  But all in all I had a fab time and would absolutely recommend this as the best place to see the fireworks in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are my tips

  • Go early!  There is live music and DJs and a bit of food and a whole lotta fun vibes that make it very special
  • Walk around the park from the Troika building area.  DO NOT GO THROUGH the side street at Petronas Twin Towers.  It was honestly the worst experience I’ve had in almost 2 years in KL and I hated every moment of that walk TO the fireworks area (on the way back I went the Troika route)
  • Plan to stay after and dance and chill, it’s a very fun vibe

XOXO Angela

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