You are currently viewing [Video] $5 USD for 3 People! Eat Like a Local in Kuala Lumpur at Raj’s Banana Leaf

[Video] $5 USD for 3 People! Eat Like a Local in Kuala Lumpur at Raj’s Banana Leaf

Looking for a truly ‘local’ experience in Kuala Lumpur? Then definitely check out Raj’s Banana Leaf for breakfast on the weekend. It is multi-cultural fabulousness at its best with ladies in sarees, folks in workout gear with crazy blingy gold sunglasses, urban hipsters with man buns and beards, westerners, and so much more.  The food and chai are very yummy to boot! And everything you see in the video came to a total of 20 Ringgits (the equivalent of $4.90 USD)!!! Amazing.

Eat Masala Dosa in Kuala Lumpur

I went with my friends Jaime and Ramesh (my wonderful mate who decorated my flat in Hong Kong last year, if you’ve been following along and remember that) and we ate heartily, laughed our asses off, and had a great morning.  Please do check it out >>>

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XOXO Angela

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  1. Donna Figueredo

    All of the dishes looked so delicious. Hope I get to try them one day!

    1. Angela Carson

      Wow, Mommy … you haven’t commented in ages 🙂 I’m sure you will when you come to visit soon. Love you XOXO

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