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3 First-Time Vlogger Mistakes To Avoid | Best Leica Vlogging Tips

The very first video I shot as a travel vlogger was in India in August 2011. Back then I was simply a blogger and travel writer and I had no idea the part that YouTube would play in my life to be honest. Nor that vlogging would turn into one of my favorite past times in life. YouTube has honestly changed my life for the better. Who knew that doing something I love to do, just filming my life, could earn me money and give me an influencer status! However, there’s no denying that YouTube isn’t always easy to grow on, and takes an immense amount of effort and dedication. For some, the only way to get their channel off the ground and moving is to Buy YouTube Likes, which is a great way to bring in new subscribers. Back when I first started I shot video only for important hotel reviews with brands like Taj, Sheraton, and Alila and it was such good fun! Now I go live when I leave the cinema or find an amazing new street food vendor to share with the world!

Since shooting my first video in August 2011, I’ve launched 207 videos … 208 if you count this one … and I’ve learned a lot over the years.

In this video I share what it is like to go from someone vlogging on a handbag-size camera to someone on an upgraded Leica V-Lux purchased in Malaysia from YL Camera, do check them out. From someone who felt terribly uncomfortable in front of the camera to someone who can even vlog in the middle of a crowded party and block out onlooking eyes. I’ve taught myself how to edit video and I think I’ve grown in that capacity but there’s still so much to learn and I know that … so please forgive all my errors if you choose to watch this one or two or three more 🙂 There’s still so much to YouTube that I don’t understand yet; I don’t completely understand advertisements/sponsors, or the algorithm, or even that you can buy subscribers (which is explained more in-depth with this Guide)! I hope you can bear with me whilst I learn!

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  • RM 5,240, Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom
  • RM 430, RODE VIDEOMIC GO lightweight on-camera microphone
  • RM 1,621, black on black Billingham Hadley One Bag that holds my laptop and all equipment (except tripod, but I will buy the straps to carry it). Be sure to check out Billingham’s website, their new mini bag is on my Christmas list! Also, for just RM 223 I also ordered the amazing cushioned leather shoulder pad add-on accessory (that thing saves me since I wear mostly strapless or strappy dresses) and the full and half inserts so I’m flexible with what gear I bring.

I’ve been really happy with the service and prices at YL Camera so do check them out. They have tons of deals they post on their Facebook page, too, so be sure to follow them.

My Vlogging Stats:

The first 4 years I was a blogger, I launched 24 videos in total. In the last 2 years I’ve launched 183! In the past 30 days my videos have been watched 127,475 times.

XOXO Angela

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