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My First Day Working and Living In Bangalore India

Bob Marley is in Bangalore.  Okay, so Bob Marley isn’t really in Bangalore.  But he is singing to me right now at a rather dark yet somehow un-seedy bar called the Xtreme Sports Bar where I am enjoying a perfectly spiced fresh veggie salad and a well deserved glass of red wine after walking the 7 blocks from my hotel in the extreme heat past man after man after man staring at the blonde gigantor, haha.  I decided that I was going to take my laptop on a date and headed out onto the streets for dinner so here I am.  Again, I was the only foreigner I encountered on my journey, which this time included some high-speed “Frogger” moves across 4 busy lanes of insane traffic so I didn’t have to make it to block 8 in my trek.  You know, from what I see, the Indian government paints white divider lines on the roads but they are clearly for suggested use only.  Here in Bangalore, a 4-lane road really fits about 6 lanes of cars — maybe the cars are smaller here??

Today was my first day at work and my first full day living in India and it was a bit crazy.  Let me start off by saying that work was great, I don’t regret my decision for even one second, and I already feel quite at home with my new company.

And — be proud — I ate curry today for lunch and learned to mix it with enough rice (thanks to our sweet COO) that I could actually eat it without my eyes and nose running and my head turning bright red from the heat!!  A step forward indeed.  (Miss Amanda I hope you are smiling!)

Wine at the Xtreme Sports Bar
Okay, it doesnt look seedy or dark here but I didnt have my camara and had to rip this from the Internet!!!
It is an understatement to say that I was a bit worried about what to wear on my first day.  I mean, come on, I am from southern California and we love skin.  And I just moved to a country that allows gramma’s to show off back boobs and bellies but where legs and shoulders are a no-no!!  Most certainly I was bound to offend someone today but I wanted to dress casual enough, conservative enough and professional enough…yet somehow look “like me” and feel like me when I walked through the doors.  Well, when I walked through the doors this morning VERY cocooned in my summery pashmina, my just-below-the-knee length dress and my favourite strappy shoes I was feeling pretty good….WELL, the first thing my boss asked was if I was cold and what was I doing all wrapped up! haha  I explained that I was trying to be conservative and cover up my skin out of respect and he just laughed a bit and told me to “be me” and not to worry.  Phewwww!  I kept on the scarf all day but eventually draped it over my shoulders without trying to hide my (let’s admit it) micro-cleavage.  What a relief!!!

Glass of wine number 2 … on it’s way!

Today I learned that the company is actually growing so quickly that we are expanding and I will be moving to a new corporate office building in 2 months.  OH FOR F’s SAKE!!!  The wine just came and the bartender passed it to me with a friendly “here you go, ma’am” ….  God!!!  I hate this ma’am thing.  Sorry, I know I am 40 now and really should “own it” but I don’t feel like a ma’am in my heart 🙁   But I guess you don’t have to feel it to be it, haha.

Anyway, guess this enough for today.  Tomorrow I start looking for our new house or apartment.  Everyone has a different idea on where we should live.  From my boss to my employee to my daughter…. let the games begin!!!

XOXO from Bangalore

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  1. kristi Owen

    was the wine a decent temperature? or super hot?

  2. angela_carson

    Hey sis, it was yummy there actually! And a decent size pour. I decided it is my Monday spot cuz they play old 80s rock and eat super cheap. Problem is that I spent a little over a dollar on dinner and 13+ on the 2 glasses of wine. I think I have to give up booze!! hahaha 400% tax on alcohol is gonna kill me here!!!

  3. angela_carson

    oh, and the right temperature 🙂

  4. Peter Croxford

    So glad you’re happy. Am loving this blog, feel like I’m with you.
    Lots of love
    P xx

  5. Teresa

    hahah he told you to just be you!! That is dangerous! But so so glad you are out there honey doing your thing xx

  6. Ange ma’am, you are 40??!! LOL.. Just kidding.. It’s great to see that you enjoyed your 1st day at work in an alien country. Has the conservativeness of this country changed your dressing sense? I hope not. It has been over a year since this post was put up. I am curious to know if you met foreigners in Bangalore..

    1. angela_carson

      I do have several expat friends but the majority of my friends are Indian and I continue to be the only non-Indian employee at any of our offices here at the new company I work for in India, which I love 🙂

      1. So you are enjoying all the attention, ha! Doesn’t happen the other way around though for us which is so bad.. Why don’t you get your expat friends also to write… Would be nice to read.. 🙂

        1. angela_carson

          I agree it isn’t fair (have written about that all the time, actually … just today in fact in my new article). And I’ve never considered having contributors to my personal blog but maybe later when I launch a City Guide website 🙂 But, I have only 2 expat friends, although I know several but they are acquaintances only. -ange

  7. Aaaah… City guide website…lol.. I might need to look out for it if I plan on coming to Bangalore..Might lose my way with out it.. 😀

    1. angela_carson

      Not just for Bangalore 😉 for various cities in India 🙂

  8. Seriously??!! That would be so cool. But where are you gonna squeeze in the info from? Are you planning to settle down in India? 😉

    1. angela_carson

      I’m thinking just 4-5 more major cities and luckily I have friends in all (or good connections) so shouldn’t be hard. With a 7-10 day trip to sleep in all the 5 star hotels, check out the hotspots, dine out… and then have hire someone to manage/content write after that it would work 🙂 And I thought I was settled down in India 🙂

  9. Wow.. You are all out to become a travel guide writer.. Brilliant!! 🙂 Well I missed out a key word when I said settle down, ‘forever’… I hope my question makes more sense now.. 😉

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