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The Benefit of Cutting Out Negative People

Whenever something new happens I always feel a rush of happiness. Yet something happened recently that has made me insanely happy even though nothing new has happened to me recently. In fact, I’ve had a bit more stress lately so that makes this even more interesting to me.

I’m Really Happy!

I don’t mean ‘I’m having a good day’ or ‘I dropped a kilo’ kinda happy but I’m honestly the happiest I’ve been in more months than I can remember. I’m writing ALL THE TIME and that hasn’t happened since 2013. I’m working out again and eating massively healthy. I’m only drinking a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend. In fact, my biggest guilty pleasure at the moment is cuddling up to a handful of frozen gummy bears as a special treat for being such a good girl (don’t laugh!).

So to what do I owe all this happiness?

I Let Go

It turns out that the #1 factor I can attribute to all of this is that I cut out one person from my life that really brought me down. Having someone that I was in touch with daily who had hurt me in the past was not a smart move. I didn’t realise until now that it was affecting every part of my daily life … and just how unhealthy that was for my self-esteem, my spirit and even my energy levels. And so was my life while they were in it. I don’t blame the choices I made or the foundation of my life on that person but I didn’t feel good about myself with them. Because they inspired an IRONIC desire for me to gain their approval and also penalise them for the past, they had the power to bring out the WORST in me.

Well, it has been 6 weeks since we’ve been in touch and I can’t say for sure but I think the lightness of being that I feel is mostly because I’ve let that person go. I knew that relationship was not a positive force in my life so actually cutting it out emotionally has done wonders for me on so many levels.

I Will Be the Best Version of ME

Each day when we wake up, the day should be a blank canvas where we know we have the possibility to be the best version of ourselves … professionally, as a parent, a partner, a mentor or friend. For me, that wasn’t possible as long as that person was a daily fixture in my life. They were too much of a negative influence because of everything that had transpired in the past. That person was like a soft grey cloud hanging over me, which doesn’t seem like a real threat … but a cloud certainly doesn’t let the sun shine through easily, does it?

Letting go of a negative person who is close to you takes strength and a desire to move forward.  It’s not easy and you have to stick to it.  It took me a couple years to do this, and I only wish I had put myself first sooner because all the NOT sticking to it and letting them back into my life time and again did not serve me for good and was a waste of precious, valuable energy.

XOXO Angela

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