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[Vlog] Rant on Expat vs Immigrant Terminology

It’s not often that a troll baits me into engaging but this one called me something along the lines of “bitch whore immigrant” and it annoyed me. I’ve deleted it since then but it annoyed me that someone would get so ugly without even asking me my thoughts on a topic and just assuming I view things in one particular way. Well, I guess I’m perfectly describing a troll, aren’t I? Anyway, he decided that I was an awful person for calling myself an Expat and not an Immigrant. And he’s full of shit for it but I still thought it would be fun to rant about it today on this week’s instalment of 2 Minute Tuesday on my YouTube channel 🙂

This is the piece I wrote back in 2016 on the topic titled Life in (Unfair White Privilege) Contrast: Expat vs. Immigrant

Angela Carson

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