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Kuala Lumpur Check-Up | Prince Court is Best Hospital for Expats

I’m happy to report that I recently found the best hospital and doctors for expats in Kuala Lumpur at Prince Court Medical Centre. In a nutshell, I’m 47, don’t live the healthiest lifestyle, and it was time for a long overdue annual checkup. While searching for where to go for an annual wellness exam, I came across Prince Court and their Executive Health Screening Packages for men and women of all ages. Continue reading and follow along with me during my round of tests and listen to the results >>

Prince Court Executive Health Screenings

  • Super Efficient! You’ll arrive in the morning between around 8am – 9:30am, compete a long series of tests and procedures, go for lunch (which they provide essentially by giving each of us 20 Ringgit vouchers for the cantina or cafe), then learn the results from all of your test before you head home mid-afternoon. It’s amazing!
  • Age Specific! You won’t waste time on any tests that aren’t right for your age bracket or sex. And tests are added or dropped as you get older.
  • Affordable! I’m 47 so for me I underwent the Well Woman package that was all-inclusive for RM 1,650.
  • Comprehensive! You’ll see in the video that they found one abnormality (a word I could not pronounce for some reason in the video!) and I need to return to a specialist OB/GYN to have it checked out.

If you ask, they’ll even give you a tour of a hospital room, which you’ll see I did at the very end of the video. The rooms are bright, welcoming, and many have views of Petronas Twin Towers. I know if I ever have an emergency that I’m going straight to Prince Court!

For more information or to make an appointment for your Executive Health Screening, visit their website. Also, be sure to follow their Facebook page where they share interesting workshops, parenting classes, and health advice.


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